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  • Writer's pictureAlexis Bennett

Project Focus – All For His Glory Personal Training

All For His Glory Personal Training (A4G) is based in Kansas City, MO and is just getting started in the personal training world. A4G was interested in a logo design to use on sports apparel, a future website and advertising.

The vision behind All For His Glory is that everything we do is for the glory of God. A4G wanted to combine the image of a lion (strength) with a crown of thorns (God and glory) to bring that vision to life in their logo design.

We began with a few different logo design combinations of the lion and thorns and also created a type icon that can be used with or without the illustration.

Once they narrowed down the choices, we finished up the final design.

The logo has since been placed on apparel items and the results have been beautiful.

I look forward to seeing the logo in use on web and advertising in the future!

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