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visual branding and marketing materials for small businesses

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I am:

loud. competitive. mom. wife. dreamer. wine lover. crazy. designer.

I am Alexis, and as you guessed, I am the creative mind behind alexisbennettdesign.

I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling momma with a passion for creating branding for small businesses that look beautiful and stand out in the crowd of competition.

I am an organized and ambitious by nature, so my to-do list always stays under control. My schedule may seem crazy to most, but with the support of my amazing husband, the flexibility of homeschooling, the  early mornings, late nights and borrowed time in between, I am continuing to make this dream a reality.

From the very beginning, I have been blessed with wonderful clients that keep coming back for all of their design needs. In fact, word-of-mouth advertising is the only advertising I have used in over 20 years.

Did I mention, I love my clients!

My passion is creating branding and marketing designs that stand out in the crowd of competition. I love working with small businesses to ensure they are proud and are excited to put their business’ branding out into the world.

Ready to stand out from your competition?

You could be next!

Contact me today and become another one of my amazing clients! Let’s make your branding unforgettable!