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Logo Design – Don’t DIY – Here’s Why

As a small business there are many times we need to find ways to cut down costs and do things on our own. We can tell ourselves, “It’s just my time, I’m not actually spending cash.” This makes us feel like we are saving in the here-and-now. While for some things this makes sense, however, a logo design DIY is definitely not one of those things that will be a worthwhile savings in the long-term. 

Here are our top 5 reasons you should NOT take your logo design into your own hands.  

Color Options

1. Colors

It may seem that picking colors and fonts would be an easy process. Pick your favorite colors and move on. You might be surprised to know that there is a science (color theory) behind why things are chosen by designers. 

Colors evoke feelings and while they may be your favorite colors, they may not convey your brand to your customers in the right light.

Designers are trained on color theory and have a great understanding of not only what looks good together, but why certain colors are better to use in specific places. 

2. Fonts

Similar to the abundance color options, there are fonts galore on the internet to download and use. However, not every font works well in every situation. Serif fonts are great for some businesses but a san-serif font or a handwritten font is sometimes a better choice. Each business is different and requires a different selection of fonts. Many times you will even need a combination of fonts and all fonts do not play well together.

Your designer will work with fonts that work well together and are best suited for your business. 

3. Use and Application

In today’s world, your logo will be used in many different ways, from print to social media. Different filetypes and sizes work best for each specific situations. Sometimes you need transparency in your logo. Sometimes it needs to fit in a square. Whatever the issue, if you do not have an understanding of why one filetype will work better in certain circumstances, you can easily create an unprofessional look.

Your designer will give you all the filetypes and sizes you need so that you will always have the best resolution, scale and proportion for your placements. And if you ever need a different size or filetype we are here to help you out. 

4. Emotional Attachment

Your business is important to you, if it wasn’t you would have a bigger problem on your hands. Taking on your logo design might seem like a fun project, but when you are finished, you have to be able to objectively say it’s good or it’s not.

An outside perspective is always better in this situation because, as a designer, we look into your business and see it from your customers perspective, not from an inside executive.

We are not emotionally invested in your company (although we do love our clients). We can create something that will appeal to your customers not just to you personally. 

5. It's Too Important

Your logo will be everywhere you put your business. This is the first thing customers will notice on all media.

You cannot take the chance on DIY.

You need a crisp, clean, consistent logo that will look great everywhere it is encountered.

Hiring a graphic designer will give you the finished, professional look you need and save you from the regret of doing it on your own. 


So, if you are contemplating trying to create a logo design DIY, think twice. While you may feel you are saving money, remember that in the long-run you are better off investing in a graphic designer who can get your business’ logo done in a timely, professional and creative way.

You and your business will look better for it!

Contact us today, to see how we can create professional logo you will be proud of.


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