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Main Types of Graphic Design

You’re a designer, what types of graphic design do you create?

A common, yet tricky question.

The graphic design I create weaves in and out of the different branches of design It also creates the beauty of my job…variety.

Looking at the main types of graphic design allows you to see where the overlap occurs. With repeat clients, I have the chance to take their initial design and build as the opportunities arise.

8 Types of Graphic Design

Visual Identity Design

Pezzo Bello Italian Imports Logo Design

This is the backbone of graphic design. A visual identity is what sets your brand apart from others visually. Your logo, typography, icons, basically, the overall look and feel of your brand.

As a designer this is what sets the path for the rest of your design work.

Many times, a brand guide is a big part of your visual identity. This is beneficial to helping your company stay consistent in the way it looks, interact well with other design pieces, and provide an opportunity for your brand to stand out in the crowd.

Art and Illustration Design

Children's Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI) Trolley Run T-shirt Designs 2020

Art and illustration tends to be interwoven into many different aspects of graphic design. From logos to t-shirts and patterns, art and illustration are the different graphics that bring your brand to life. This includes things like book covers, infographics, motion graphics, and textiles.

Art and illustration adds a creative flair to your design.

Marketing and Advertising Design

St. Lukes Neonatal Follow-Up Brochure Design

Marketing and advertising are the way your brand brings its design to the world. There are many ways to market your products and services.

Whether you are using direct mail, email, or advertisements online and in magazines your brand must be consistent through your message and look. This is a main reason clients continue to work with their designers long after the logo has been created.

Some of the main types of design done in the marketing and advertising realm are postcards, flyers, posters, banners, infographics, social media templates, brochures, email marketing, and presentations.

This is where your brand connects with your audience.

Packaging Design

As you might have guessed this is where your product comes to life. Packaging design takes a 2D form and makes it 3D. It is the direct route to your consumer.

This is what your consumer will take home with them.

Working with a designer ensures your design is in touch with your look and feel, but more importantly, that is eye-catching and memorable for your consumer.

Publication Design

Futureworks Brochure Design

Many designers work with design for books and magazines, where design can be anywhere from cutting edge to simple. This also branches into annual reports, newsletters, and catalogs.

These are the pieces your customer will flip through and get a true feel for your company and products.

Getting this design right is extremely important. You want to stand out in the crowd with your publications, these are items that will be perused multiple times.

You want to be sure they keep coming back, as the more they see your product, the more likely they are to buy it. Research shows that your consumer needs to see and interact with your brand seven times before they purchase.

Motion Design

Motion design is as simple as any graphic that contains motion.

Motion is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

Using motion in typography, imagery, audio, animation, and video are eye-catching and memorable. When done well, motion graphics grab the attention of your audience and lock them into the message.

User Interface Design

BLUM Health and Wellness Website Design

This is the lovely world of technology and the web. Your website, apps, themes and even game design are a part of user interface design.

In today’s world, this is what your customer will come to when they are looking for more information or ready to make a purchase.

This is one of the most important parts of your design. A website and app can make or break a sale.

You need your design to be easy to navigate, eye catching and include well written content. When people visit a website you only have an average of 15 seconds to make an impression before they move on to the next site in their search query.

Environmental Design

Last but not least, taking your design to another level with environmental graphics is another branch of graphic design. This includes signage, wall murals and decals, exhibition designs, retail store signage and even branding.

These should be enticing to your audience but easy to follow and understand.

You want to stand out in the crowd with these designs, while not being so over the top it turns your audience away.

Most environmental designs are used repeatedly, making it even more important that your designs fit the brand guide and vision of your business.


As a designer, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work in almost all of these graphic design branches. My clients tend to be repeat customers and in when they need a design for their business they contact me.

Knowing my clients well and working with them throughout the process and throughout the different types of design, benefits us both. I have a better understanding of their business, allowing me to make their designs stand out, but stay consistent. My clients rest assured that I know their business and will bring their style and message to any design I am creating. It’s a win-win situation.


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