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Spring Clean Your Business

Each year, we spring clean our homes, erasing the dust and dirt in preparation for the new season.

Why do we not do this with our businesses as well?

We should.

Spring is a perfect opportunity to take a look at the goals you set at the onset of the new year. A time to clear out the clutter of your business, just as you do with your home.

Are you ready to begin? Here are 4 tips to spring clean your business today.

Setting goals - re-examining those goals

1. Re-exam your goals

Starting the year, you set goals and a plan to reach those goals. Now it is time to see where you are on that process.

  1. Are you hitting your milestones?

  2. Do you need to readjust the plan?

  3. What is working well?

  4. What needs to be changed?

If necessary, make those changes. Set a new plan and begin anew. Spring is a perfect time to start fresh.

2. Evaluate your marketing efforts

Marketing is what brings your business to life.  Take a step back and evaluate the marketing you have done. Analyze what has worked and what needs to improve or be taken off the table.

  1. How are your marketing efforts working this year?

  2. What can you do to reach more people in your demographic?

  3. What needs to change in your approach?

  4. How can you accomplish your marketing goals?

Set a to-do that will get you to those goals.

3. Adjust Your Budget

Take some time to evaluate the budget you set early this year. Work to get a clear understanding of what your spending has looked like to this point

  1. Are you sticking to the budget you set?

  2. Spending more?

  3. Spending less?

  4. Is your spending bringing in business or making your business run more smoothly?

Decide where your money is working and where it is not necessary. Adjust as needed.

organize your business

4. Organize

Organization comes in many forms.

  1. Is your desk cluttered? Organize it.

  2. Is your to-do list overwhelming? Prioritize your items and begin a new list.

  3. Is your calendar full of unnecessary items?

  4. Can you reschedule your days to allow more productivity?

  5. Can you archive any emails to eliminate a full inbox?

Just a bit of organizing can make your day-to-day work easier and more efficient.

Begin Again

Congrats, your business has been spring cleaned, take a deep breathe and enjoy the new day.

You have earned it! 


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